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Dr. Brett Beckman

Dr. Brett Beckman is a board-certified veterinary dental specialist and offers live and online veterinary dentistry courses. He sees patients in Orlando & Atlanta.

A 1987 graduate of the College of Veterinary Medicine at Mississippi State University, he is past president of the American Veterinary Dental Society and is one of 40 veterinarians in the world who have completed extensive training to become regarded as both a Fellow in the Academy of Veterinary Dentistry and a Diplomate in the American Veterinary Dental College. He is also a diplomate in the American Academy of Pain Management making him the only person in the world to hold these three titles. He has published numerous peer-reviewed articles in the field of veterinary dentistry, oral surgery, and pain management.

Dr. Beckman is a well renowned international speaker and is the founder of the International Veterinary Dentistry Institute and the Veterinary Dentistry Mastermind. IVDI is an ongoing project that provides training and assessment for veterinarians to ensure they are capable of providing top-quality oral care for their patients to earn the VDP title. Through IVDI and the VDP program, veterinarians can now master the knowledge and skills required to be considered among the best general practices in the world in dentistry and oral surgery.

He and Lecia, his best friend and wife of 38 years, and their amazing 36-year-old daughter Lauren enjoy gardening, cooking, nature photography, hiking, fitness, and golf.

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Annie Mills, LVT, VTS (Dentistry)

Dr. Brett Beckman - Atlanta Veterinary Dentistry


At Atlanta Veterinary Dentistry Dr. Beckman leads a highly trained veterinary dentistry specialist staff with decades of anesthesia and dentistry experience.

Annie Mills


Annie Mills LVT, VTS (Dentistry) is a 1983 graduate from Macomb Community College in Macomb, Michigan.

Annie Mills LVT, VTS Dentistry is a 1983 graduate of Macomb Community College. Since graduation she has practiced in Michigan, Florida and Georgia. Her experience includes emergency and critical care, anesthesia, orthopedic surgery technician, and dentistry. She received her VTS (Veterinary Technician Specialist) in Dentistry in 2008. She has served on the board of the Academy of Veterinary Dental Technicians.

She has published multiple articles for technician journals and has co-authored a textbook in dentistry specifically for technicians. She has taught and lectured extensively around the country. She currently works with Brett Beckman, boarded veterinary dentist, seeing patients in Florida and Georgia.

Jennifer Zdesar


Jennifer Zdesar joined Dr. Beckman and Annie 2 1/2 years ago as their anesthesia technician.

Jennifer Zdesar joined Dr. Beckman and Annie 2 1/2 years ago as their anesthesia technician. She has brought her many talents to the clinic and has quickly become a major key member of our team. Jennifer excels in anesthesia monitoring and recovery and leads the charge with the rest of the teams to provide maximum safety and comfort for our pets.

Jennifer has worked in Veterinary Medicine for over 12 years. Her passion for animals and medicine started at a very early age in her hometown of Cleveland, OH. Jennifer began her career at one of the local veterinary hospital & quickly fell in love with the industry. She transferred to Atlanta, GA in 2014 and was given the opportunity to advance her career in emergency medicine. She has been working at the animal emergency Center of Sandy Springs for the past 6 years and continues to excel in her skills and knowledge.

Javier M. Fuentes


Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree in 1992, an MBA degree in 1993 and a Doctoral Degree (PhD in 1996).

Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree in 1992, an MBA degree in 1993 and a Doctoral Degree (PhD in 1996).

Dr. Fuentes and wife, Ana, moved to south Florida in 1999 searching for a more peaceful, tranquil environment to raise a family. They have two beautiful children, Nicholas and Emily, who share their parents’ love of animals. There are early signs they may be following in their parents’ footsteps. The Fuentes family shares their lives with two cats, Jeanne Marie and Perry, three dogs, Miley, Morgan and Charlie and tropical fish.

Dr. Fuentes has dedicated the last 14 years obtaining his special training in small animal dentistry and maxillofacial surgery, the last three years under the mentorship of Dr. Brett Beckman in Atlanta, GA and Orlando, FL.

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