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Henry – Oronasal Fistula (ONF)

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Henry a dog with Oronasal Fistula (ONF)

Henry was born with a large hole in his palate. Surgical correction was required to close the hole. Henry did fantastic and is now much more playful and happy

Thanks so much Dr. Beckman, I really think that you saved Henry’s life. We thank you so much for helping us and Henry. We can tell he is a much happier dog. You are awesome and I just can’t tell you or show you how thankful we are for your service. Thank You!”

– Lindsay Whited

Oronasal Fistula (ONF) Repair in Dogs

This is Henry’s Fistula on the right side of the mouth. The red area within is the nasal cavity.

Oronasal Fistula (ONF) Repair in Dogs

This is following surgical repair of the fistula

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