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Exodontics: Dog and Cat Tooth Extraction

Exodontics - Dog Tooth Extraction

Extractions are generally a last resort, however in some cases they are the only option.

Cat X-ray - CatTooth Extraction

The arrows on this x-ray show where the tooth root is being destroyed in the canine tooth in this cat with tooth resorption Extraction is the only option here.

Exodontics in Cat - Cat Tooth Extraction

A gum flap allows exposure to assist in removal of the crown and resorbing root. This image is immediately postop.

Periodontal disease in English Bulldog

Periodontal disease results in destruction of bone and in severe cases extraction is necessary. This English Bulldog has severe disease due to overcrowding of teeth.

Exodontics - Dog Tooth Extraction

Extraction of the tooth is only part of the treatment. Eliminating the disease in the tissue and the bone followed by suturing the gum over the defect is the treatment for cases of severe periodontal disease such as in this patient

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