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Simply The Best
My 13 year old Maltese was diagnosed with chronic leukemia. Her vet noticed several of her teeth were in bad shape and strongly suggested I take her to AVD. I first spoke with Annie who is amazing! Her empathy for my fuzzy childs health and my … More
great experience!
My golden retriever loves to chew! Sadly, she cracked her tooth from chewing on a hard bone. Dr. Beckman, Annie, and the rest of the staff were great! Sadie now has a crown and no longer chews the wrong bones! I am very grateful for the wonderful care delivered with compassion that she received. I highly recommend Dr. Beckman and his staff!
Comfort restored
Tigger, my 18 y/o cat had trouble eating and pawed at his mouth. Dr. Beckman and staff treated him with excellent care and knowledge of his certain problem. Tigger is now content and eating and will live now painless and in peace. I will feel confident taking any of my cats to Dr. Beckman in the future.
Excellent Veterinary Dentistry
Dr. Beckman is one of the top veterinary dental specialist in the country and certainly the best in Atlanta. Being a referring veterinarian, I have great confidence in his abilities and level of care. I also have taken two of my own dogs to him and was extremely … More
Dr. Beckman is the best
I had a young cat diagnosed with feline stomatitis. The cat was in agony. Each treatment option we tried failed. The next option was a full tooth extraction. I was a little worried. My local vet referred me to Dr Beckman. I did a little research and We hit the jackpot for veterinary dentistry. Dr Beckman is the expert in the field.
You could not do better!
WI recently referred a special case to Dr. Beckman and his wonderful crew. They did a great job in all areas from owner care and information to patient care. I also felt informed as the veterinarian. If your faithful friend needs dental work, and you want that special touch…you could not do better than Atlanta Veterinary Dentistry!

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Dee-Dee A.
Dr. Beckman & Annie Mills are wonderful!! They genuinely care about all their patients while putting the welfare of my dog first. My dog is a small breed prone to dental problems. Prior to Dr. Beckman, I had been to so many vets who claim to know animal dentistry but they all wanted to perform unnecessary extractions and never discussed preventative care.

Dr. Beckman is dedicated to the oral care of animals. I am very appreciative that his practice serves the Atlanta area. People come from all over the US to seek Dr. Beckman’s guidance and rightfully so. Annie will walk through, step-by-step, to ensure that you have the best products and methods for your pet’s long-term oral health.

Sheri T.
Took my older Chihuahua here who has advanced periodontal disease. I was very nervous and didn’t want to put my puppy through the surgery for six months with other dentist. I found Dr. Beckman through referral from my vet who said he was one of the best, and one of only 40 in the World with his unique qualifications. We decided to go through with procedure and we are very pleased. My dog needed 12 teeth removed and major cleaning and infection. She was in no pain when I picked her up as they give pain patch which last five days so no meds or antibiotics (as they use IV drip during surgery) so nothing to fuss with after surgery. They numb mouth using unique meds so they don’t have to keep pet under full sedation which set my mind more at ease. My pet is doing well, seems comfortable, is eating four hours after surgery and acting pretty normal. The whole procedure lasted an hour and she was home to me by three pm same day I took in her that morning. They were very patient, kind and caring to both me and my pet. I would highly recommend Dr. Beckman and staff and will be bringing all my pets to him in the future for dental care.
Tara B.
Dr. Beckman and Annie Mills are the BEST! Our little Pomeranian is prone to teeth problems, and they’ve done an extraordinary job of keeping him comfortable and preserving as many teeth as possible. Annie is very responsive, making it a breeze to schedule appointments. They use a state of the art electronic charting system, which makes seeing and understanding the work that our little pup needs much easier. They are careful not to overuse anesthesia, making our dog’s recovery time from surgery faster than we’ve ever seen before. We can’t say enough about Dr. Beckman and his stellar staff!
Erin G.
Dr. Beckman is the best in the area, no question! We asked 4 different veterinarians for recommendations when our cat needed a root canal and he was the overwhelming recommendation. We are very, very, very attached to our cat and would only trust him with the absolute best. His surgery and recovery were a breeze and we could not be more grateful.

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